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"I was referred to Attorney James Jackson office to help me through a very difficult divorce and emotional time in my life. I immediately felt that Jim and his office staff was certainly the place that would help me to handle this situation. Jim and his office staff made me feel that they could not only assist me through this difficult process, but always made me feel welcome and comfortable with any questions or concerns. He and his staff were very professional but at the same time were very understanding and always supportive of my decisions. I have trust in Jim and his profession guidance which I will continue with throughout my life." L.S.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the superb representation and moral support I received. Words alone do not express my gratitude to the expert handling of my divorce/custody case by you. When we first meet, my family and I were operating in a fog of despair and pain. While this was a trying and painful process over many years for my family and I, over thirteen years ago in 1998, including a trial, and three different court locations, I attribute your knowledge of the law, your ability to compellingly and in an understandable way convey the facts to the Judge, mediators, therapists, all involved parties. You personally took great interest in the case, showed patience and understanding in informing us of the developments of the proceedings which in turn offered my family and I a degree of comfort that we most desperately needed...

In closing , I want to sincerely compliment and thank you for your unequivocal legal skill and expertise. You made it easy for me to be a responsible client. Undeniably you bring honor to your profession. Again, I also, I want to thank your legal team for their professionalism as well. They were always knowledgeable and supportive. You have assembled a great team. Again, thank you very much for your representation and success in my case. I can't speak highly enough about you Mr. Jackson. You left us feeling that our selection of your firm was not only a wise decision, but a decision that could never be duplicated if any other choice might have been made and I high recommend you to others who are in need as I and my family was. Thank you for turning this professional relationship into a lifelong friendship." D.L.

"I filed my divorce 3 years ago with a lawyer I picked from the phone book. He did nothing on my case but charged me for no results. He didn't get me a temporary spousal support award nor was I advised what I was entitled as a result of our long term marriage. I lived in poverty while my now ex-husband lived in luxury. I finally had it and after speaking to a friend who went through a divorce also, he advised me to see his attorney, James A. Jackson.

I immediately called his office and set up an appointment. The first meeting with him, I could not believe what I learned from him that my former attorney did not even explain to me as far as my rights and what I was entitled to.

Mr. Jackson took my case and my life changed. He immediately took action and within 3 months of his representation, my case was settled and done.

I am now finally divorced and am receiving spousal support which I was entitled to from the beginning. He never wasted time and he was not a billing machine. He made my ex-husband pay for my attorneys fees.

Mr. James A. Jackson is not only a good attorney but the best divorce attorney ever. His office staff are so dependable. I will never hesitate to refer any of my friends to hire Atty. James A. Jackson." J.A