Strongly Enforcing Court Orders

The judge who presides over your divorce will issue several court orders during the settlement, covering matters such as alimony, property division, child custody and child support. These are designed to establish clear guidelines and boundaries between you and your ex-spouse in the months and years to come. If you encounter difficulty gaining compliance with a court order, we can aggressively represent you in court. You should not have to battle with your former spouse after the divorce is finalized. We will work to ensure that the court order is followed so that you can put your attention on the future.

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Child Support Orders Are Regularly Violated

Failing to pay child support is one of the most common situations involving court order violation. Sometimes this is a case of outright delinquency, but other times it is due to a job loss or pay cut that has made it impossible to pay. Failure to comply with the court order can result in wage garnishment and other penalties, but it is usually more effective to seek a child support modification to accommodate the new circumstances. You should not take it upon yourself to fight with your former spouse to enforce the order when you have the option of court assistance.

Contact Us To Secure An Assertive Attorney

If are unable to get your ex-spouse to cooperate, the Law Office of James A. Jackson can act as your assertive legal advocate. We are widely known for being aggressive, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that your rights are respected. Our lawyer will answer all your questions regarding your case, and work tirelessly on your behalf. Whether you need assistance enforcing an order of protection, a visitation agreement or to collect unpaid spousal support, we will zealously take on your case.

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