Divorce Attorney in Palm Desert, CA

Unfortunately, nearly half of all first marriages end in divorce. Although the chances that your own marriage might not work out are relatively high, the end of any marriage is unsettling. Most people never imagine that their marriage will one day fall apart, yet for millions of men and women, divorce is the reality that they must accept.

At the Law Office of James A. Jackson, attorney Jackson has nearly 30 years of experience in the field of divorce law. As a father of four who has personally gone through the divorce process, he has firsthand knowledge of what you are going through. Your case cannot be taken lightly. The divorce settlement will affect your family for the rest of your lives. Therefore, when you are searching for an attorney to represent perhaps one of the greatest trials of your life, you require someone with years of real-life experience such as James Jackson.

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The Many Factors Involved In Divorce

Marriage is far more than an emotional investment; it is also a large financial investment. While some divorces may be simple, others can involve multiple real estate properties, retirement accounts, inheritances, family-owned businesses, large debts, a spouse that has been out of the workforce for a long period of time and most importantly, children.

When a divorce involves children and assets, it becomes far more sensitive and complicated with child custody agreements and tricky property division. Mr. Jackson is fully aware of the intricate issues involved in divorce and how they impact all aspects of your life. He always takes your best interests to heart and advocates on your behalf throughout the process. When your assets, home, children and possibly your business are at stake, you simply cannot afford to go it alone or hire an inexperienced attorney to represent your interests. The outcome can be devastating.

The Importance Of Working With A Knowledgeable Attorney

There is a lot that people don't know about divorce in California. All too often spouses make mistakes early on, even before they commence their divorce proceedings. One misstep such as moving out with the children or hiding assets, can completely throw off a case. There are a number of actions or inactions that a judge does not view favorably, and for this reason alone it's critical to seek quality legal counsel as soon as you consider divorce.

Mr. Jackson prepares his clients early on, even before they file for divorce if possible. By properly educating his clients, informing them of their rights and responsibilities, and planning ahead for future challenges, Mr. Jackson empowers his clients so they can gain a sense of control over their divorce proceedings. Clients are never kept in the dark about what is happening or what will happen next. Taking the mystery out of a divorce is akin to taking a breath of fresh air, and it can provide an amazing sense of relief.

In-Depth Insight Into The Local Legal Community

James Jackson has been working in the field of divorce law for over 30 years. The son of a well-known criminal defense attorney in the Valley, he was born and raised here, and graduated from Palm Springs High School. As the son of a reputable local attorney, and as a judge pro tem and successful divorce attorney in his own right, Mr. Jackson knows the court system inside and out. Over his lifetime and legal career, he has developed valuable relationships with local judges and court personnel, which have earned him the trust and respect of those with influence in the court system.

Mr. Jackson fights to uphold his clients' rights. As a pre-eminent attorney in the Coachella Valley, he will not be intimidated by anyone when it comes to representing your best interests. Aggressive when it comes to representing his clients, he is also reasonable and compassionate when it comes to addressing the particular situation at hand. This is exactly what you need in a good divorce attorney.

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